Thank you for visiting my website. Let me explain who I am and what I do!

My experience
My professional career started in a hospital, where I worked as a Cardiac Function Lab Technician and later as an Echocardiographist. I then moved from the hospital environment to the pharmaceutical industry. I worked at Glaxo for three years (supporting the organisation of refresher training). In 1991 I decided to move to SB Recruitment BV, a start-up business active in Recruitment & Selection and Secondment in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. I started in a supporting role, from where I could contribute to building up the company and its portfolio. I soon became a consultant for a number of different clients. Later I became a member of the MT as Assistant Manager, which meant I took on an internal management role in addition to my role as consultant. I also became responsible for the day-to-day management.

Farma Health Recruitment BV
In 2013, following a reorganisation as a result of which my role with SB Recruitment became redundant, I continued independently, under the name Farma Health Recruitment BV.  Many of my clients found me again at my new company and continued to contract me for their recruitment and secondment requirements. Where necessary I am supported by my colleague Ans Stoub, with whom I worked at SB for many years. I can also call on people from my network who have a specific area of knowledge.

Expertise in recruitment and secondment in Sales, Marketing, Medical Professions, Market Access, Regulatory Affairs, etc.
I have built up extensive experience with many different procedures in Sales, Marketing and in a medical context. This involves jobs at different levels: senior positions that require people with extensive specialist work experience, as well as positions for young professionals. I also offer expertise in the fields of Market Access, Regulatory Affairs, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance. There is also occasionally a demand for candidates for a job within, for example, administrative support and project management. This concerns both Recruitment & Selection assignments and demands for secondment (individual team input).

My role in your career
Do you work in the sector and would you like to discuss your future or have a sparring opportunity? Or have you spotted a job on my website you are interested in? Call me for a chat or to make an appointment, or fill in the contact form.

My role in your organisation
If you are thinking about assigning tasks to me, I will be happy to give you more information about how I work and my rates. You can call me on 06 5397 3337. You can also create a “Call me Back” request on the contact form.