Sometimes a post needs to be filled temporarily. Seconding a candidate for the duration of a project is one of the possible solutions. For example when the permanent employee is not at work due to illness or pregnancy, but also when extra human resources are needed during an introduction or for a specific project. The demand for temporary staff is sometimes also the result of the fact that insufficient headcount is available at the client. Demand for temporary staff occurs in medical, sales and marketing departments, but it frequently also involves administrative and organisational jobs.

Fast operation
When I am assigned the task to find a secondment, I also base myself on the client’s demands. Secondment usually involves the wish to fill a position quickly. Of course that imposes requirements on me, but it also concerns the expectations and speed on the part of the client. I carefully coordinate this in advance, while clarifying the expectations in the process. Much can be achieved within a short period of time on this basis!

Would secondment work for you?
Would you like to discuss whether secondment might work for you? Or are you considering filling vacancies at your company in this way? I have broad, up-to-date experience in this field. Feel free to contact me for a chat to see what we can do for each other. I can be contacted on 06 5397 3337.